I admit I am a big fan of the Sony EX1 and even more so the EX3. I have shot quite a bit of footage on these cameras, and have always been pretty happy with the results.

I also have an occasion to use an HVX 202 and have struggled with it to get the same results as I am accustomed to getting from the EX3. In particular, I really dislike the lemon yellow colour that occurs around the sun and clouds when the sun is in shot. I shoot a lot at sunrise and sunset, and often need to include the sun in shot. Does anyone else have anything to say about this phenomenon?

I have tried changing camera settings, and the best I could do was to use the Cine-D setting, but it doesn't rid the pictures of that 'primrose' yellow effect.

In the clip I have included an EX3 sunrise shot, followed by an HVX 202 sunset, then another EX3 shot, also a sunset.


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