This is the final installment in this 4 part series that I directed with Jen Tullock as she displays her many talents. This was meant as a very well thought out demo reel and turned into something everyone really enjoys.

This final segment is a mockumentary call W.A.K.I. You will have to watch to find out what it means, and it's good. PLUS stick around for the end credits to see Estelle dancing and many hilarious outtakes.

So without further...blabbing... I present Miss Jen Tullock's 30 Minute Sketch Hour part 4 (of a 4 part series) Again stick around for the end credits, good times.

Produced by:
Gimpydog Productions

Jen Tullock
Aaron Covich
Colby Hanik
Jessica May

Directed, Shot, and Edited by:
Aaron Covich (me)

Written by:
Jen Tullock (but seriously it was mostly improv)

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