Split point was an experiment.

After rendering my first few animations of the mandelbox - I found my camera skills leaving a lot to be desired, when it came to moving around and into the mandelbox! Some movements were too quick and jerky - whilst others took too long to play out. So I have been trying my video editing skills to resolve the problem.
To smooth the camera's pitch and roll, I remapped the time of the fast areas to slow them down, that worked, but although the camera had smoothed out, the animation was very jerky as it was only 4-5frames per seconds at some points. Now you can just blend original frames together to create new ones and put them in between the originals - fine if you have at least 15-20fps to play with but when the frame rate is as low as 4-5fps (normally i render at 30fps) it gives bad results. so instead I used a pixel blending technique to create the brand new frames - so that the video could slow down without the animation losing details.

I have decided they were good results - although it led to a longer post production time.
The final 1.3GB h264encoded mp4 can be downloaded from my blog

The audio we used is from 90watts.com and it is a deep tech house track called

"head of beans" by martin fisher

Inspired by the house tapes his older sister gave him in the early 90's, Marten Fisher turned his commodore 64 into a studio tool and started producing his first beats.

In 2003 he released his first release and nowadays he has build up quite a nice catalog with releases and remixes on labels like 90watts Records, Bad Girls, Strom Recordings, Travels, XXXflicks and of course his own successfull proghouse label Dub=records.

So all in all I feel honored to be using his sound! :)

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