In most races I try to get very close on a wide lens due to camera shake while on a boat. This race was the first time using a DSLR and a long lens with optical Image Stabilization. The IS helped al out and is way better than any video camera I have used.
I intend to be one stop over exposed but am o shots 2- 3 stops over I will need to learn the DSLR a little better. For the moist part I am very pleased with the results but had to compress this video way down to get on Vimeo. All the footage was shot at 60 fps and some of the shots are 50% speed. At least one shot is at 25% speed.

This was an awesome day of racing and the young crew from NAC showed that there had work is paying off. Thank You George Bishop for driving the camera boat and lindsey Richman for providing the boat. Thanks to Billy Whitford for having B camera on board.
Thanks to laguna Tribe for supporting our Project

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