It is a crime that our Western Governments allow Israel to continue as a rogue terrorist state. The criminal act of piracy by Israel's fascist troops, murdering and abducting aid workers and other humanitarians attempting to supply medical aid and other emergency supplies to the besieged, embargoed Gazans must be punished by the International community. We demand all ships taking aid to Gaza should have UN military escort. And if the United Nations are bribed or bullied by the USA to do nothing, then countries like Turkey who have suffered casualties should send their own navies to protect the aid flotillas.

The next flotilla should be protected by the Russian and / or Chinese navy. The French seem to have more guts than most, maybe their navy will volunteer to militarily escort the humanitarian ships to the illegally embargoed Gaza. The U.N. have already declared Israel's blockade of Gaza illegal, why is the U.N. defending the flotilla or any land-based aid convoy? Oh, of course, I forgot, Israel's sponsors, the Americans control the U.N.

No point in asking the Arab governments - they sold out to the Israelis years ago.

The media is sickening with its support of Israeli terrorism, constantly underplaying the outrage, never giving the true figures. The Israeli marines murdered at least 19 aid workers, and illegally abducted 100s of international unarmed civilians. Yet the media...whether it be Reuters, Yahoo, CNN, Sky always favour the Zionists' version. Disgraceful.

And what if some of the Israeli claims are true that some people on board resisted violently, Why shouldn't activists defend themselves when their ship is being attacked and boarded by gun-wielding pirates?

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