The video 'The Magician' is directed by Kristoffer Archetti and
Jørgen Stangebye Larsen.

Norwegian duo Frost AKA femme digitale Aggie Peterson and
Mental Overdrive's Per Martinsen with their brand new single
"The Magician".

The duo have since their last album "Love! Revolution!" in 2007 left
the city of Oslo - their base for more than a decade - and rather
chosen to live in exile in their arctic hometown of Tromso, Northern
Norway. Here, far into the arctic circle, they've kept themselves busy
working on new music, creating art shows for babies, building
radioactive installations, meddling with transmedia storytelling and
monitoring the melting of the ice-cap for personal reasons.

They have also left the purely electronic production of their previous
output in favour of a more multi-faceted sound, including live drums,
electric sitars, cyber-brass, kazoos and various other live instruments.

Their new album "Radio Magnetic" is due in early 2011.


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