My attempt at entering the nude no more 5 second project. Check it out here


The idea occured to me of a human looking android removing its skin so it would no longer be attractive to humans. It would be nude no more in their eyes. Technically i'm not good enough to realise such a complex effect, so decided to stylize this idea. The video focuses on a dream an android is having about its own sense of freedom. The android symbolically shedding its skin. More symbolism in the vid, the bars, Flocking lights flying, free as a bird and all that. And of course its ready to fight for its rights at the end. :)


This project was a big challenge for my newbie ass. Easily the most work I've put into a few seconds of animation. Modeling the Ironman like mask was hard and C4D cloth is evil when working with very complex colliders. Still, I learned a lot. I'm now a level 2 3D newbie.

I added Stephanie Frankiewicz as a credit as it was her videos that really inspired me to think more creatively about animation.

The Nude No More channel is here
The 5 second project archive is here

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