After the acumulated experience on DMT in residual soils after the MSc and the calibration experiment i tried to combine both with harmony and some wisdom, which allowed me to define a specific protocol to be applied in residual soil characterization. At the beggining of this walk, i didn´t know how far i could go and how efficient could be the work i was able to produce. However i always had in mind the wise words of Confucius

It is better to bring light with candle
than damn the darkness.

Obviously i feel proud, because it was my dream at the beggining, but the main thing i learnt with this PhD work is how little i know on the subject. Lao Tsé said once something that fits perfectly:

Accepting our ignorance is an act of wisdom
Ignoring it, is to live in illusion

To illustrate this final act i picked up some of the best photos i was able to take in my beloved country, mixed them with the best of my soul (with the help of the always magnificent U2 - No line on the Horizon and Moment of Surrender), hoping to transmit you the pleasure i had builing this last part of the thesis and (maybe) get you interested in coming to enjoy it. In anytime. Just let me know and i´ll be pleasured to guide your steps.

Kisses and hugs

I love you all

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