"Theory of Destiny" is Cloud 9's first single from their upcoming debut LP "Shades of Sound".

Please listen and download at cloud9.bandcamp.com/

Property of Cloud Nine Music Group ©2010

I am a Jedi Master,
My pen's my lightsaber,
I slay demons, evil's sweeter than a lifesaver,
'Cause I show no fear, Obi Wan Kenobi here,
Skywalkin' on Cloud 9, I'm gettin Kobe air,
Hop into my spaceship and shoot down negativity,
I throw the gloves on 'cause life is like a boxing ring,
Jab with a metaphor, uppercut with similes,
Roundhouse kickin' down doors into the industry.

I wanna be, unstoppable,
My enemies, are breakable,
If I could see, the future,
I could see, past my uncertainty.

Verse 2:
This is, Mission Impossible,
Failure's not an option though,
I take these negative thoughts and knock 'em down,
Like dominoes.
Already in my zone,
Never walking alone,
I am a Jedi, fighting the attack of the clones,
My pen's a sword that transforms into a peacekeeper,
Bring thoughts to life, got an army coming through your speakers,
Obstacles in my path will get the takedown,
Grind beyond your comprehesion,
This is the breakdown.


Verse 3:
Super Saiyan power level,
Fighting 'cause i'm such a rebel,
Fighting against the odds more than ever 'cause its now or never,
To speak light into the ears of those who listen,
This is a mission, new to the solar system.
The alliance of Legends, my brethren,
I am a teacher trying to give a lesson,
Into the ears, of those of my generation,
Directing others to an elevation, of a Jedi.


credits released 22 April 2010

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