**11/23/10 UPDATE** The file has been slightly modified for it's screening in Filmapalooza in Miami. Slightly augmented sound and a bit better color in areas.

This is the winning entry for the 2010 48-Hour Film Project. The time period happened to start while we were concluding our vaca in the Far East, so I was able to grab a few shots as we passed through a Taiwanese market to the airport. Then, some guerilla shots at the Tokyo, Detroit and Norfolk airports - as well as a few shots on the planes.
Unfortunately, Teviya came down with stomach flu a few days before, so I was forced to act in my own film (boooooo). On top of that, we pulled the 'horror' genre, which just so happens to be a genre I never have gotten into ...

Nevertheless, we rolled with the punches, and worked it into a pseudo-psychological horror. Special thanks to Derek Sipple for coming by at 3AM Sunday to help shoot the final scenes - and to the Livengoods who stopped by in the afternoon to make some last minute suggestions.

Other 48 Hour Awards Include:
Best Graphics
Best Cinematography
Best Editing

Genre: Horror
Prop: Cheese
Character: Tim Thackery - Mechanic
Line: "I've Looked and I Can't Find It"

Hope you enjoy!

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