Get your students talking by using language building tools that work!

* Boosts your students' verbal proficiency
* Correlates with ALL Spanish Level 1 basal programs
* Aligns with the ACTFL proficiency guides in speaking for:

√ Fluency
√ Proficiency
√ Pronunciation

The Symtalk Method duplicates the natural process of language acquisition. Visual image symbol cards represent vocabulary commonly studied in Level 1 Spanish. These symbol cards allow students to encode, store, and retrieve vocabulary enabling students to easily create complex sentences from the very first lesson.

Topics Mastered Using Speaking Spanish Confidently!

1. Emerging fluency
2. Subject pronouns
3. Conjugating skills
4. Expressions with hacer and tener
5. Question formation
6. Adjective agreement
7. Adjectives and the verb ser
8. Adjectives and the verb estar
9. Possessive adjectives
10. Direct object pronouns
11. Indirect object pronouns
12. Using gustar and molestar
13. Negative and affirmative expressions
14. Comparisons
15. Verbs followed by an infinitive
16. Immediate future
17. Present progressive
18. Preterite
19. Imperfect
20. Present subjunctive

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