This is not the first time he has missed the train.............
but for his termoltuous relationship, it will be his last.

This short came about after testing out my Canon XHA1s for the first time. We spent a couple of hours in different locations, & about 20 mins down the local train station.

There was no storyline or idea how this would turn out! It was just random footage I put together in an edit. This only my second ever edit but it was good practice.

As I was chopping it up, it created it's own story and the mood took me to come up with this moving little back story. It's funny how ideas can just create themselves out of random

The story:
This is the story of a guy who just can't get his shit together with his life, or his girlfriend.
So after work he goes to his usual bar for a drink. After several drinks he forgets that his girl has been sitting in a restaurant for hours, waiting.
She is sick and tired of his excuses and of him pleading his love for her every time his late or just doesn't turn up at all.
It's the final straw! After leaving the bar he looks at his watch and realising the time, he makes a dash for the last train of the evening........

I personally think it needs a nice little soundtrack behind it. Maybe just a piano. (Deep tones, Mellow & Somber)

Director: Deano Brennan
Starring: Daniel Green
1st AD: Jason Gray

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