An abstract narrative telling the story of girl who looks at her transition and ability to change into the Phoenix, her alter ego. The Phoenix is the symbol of her spirit, a fire spirit who goes out to build itself a nest of twigs in order to ignite itself; both nest and bird burn fiercely in order to reborn a new to live again.
Destined to live as long as her old self, in very few mythological stories of the Phoenix, it is said that they are able to change into humans- ‘The Girl with Red Hair’.
The piece disguises someone real as fictional, leaving a spiritual message and a trail of emotions.
(Credits to Mieks Murdock for the 'Imogen Heap 2-1' Remix.)

PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINNER of the World Photography Organisation 'Moving Image Award 2011' pledged by Masashi Imamura (Senior Vice President at Sony Corporation).

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