Tester13 on dvxuser.com (see thread GH1 Firmware Hack, dvxuser.com/V6/forumdisplay.php?f=206) has presented a firmware manipulation tool allowing each GH1 owner to add new features to his camera. These include native 24p (incl. playback in-camera) as well as much improved MJPEG and AVCHD bitrates.

Please make a donation to gh1-hack.info

This test shows a before and after comparison of the unpatched vs. the patched firmware, making this the GH1³!!!

Fellow Viennese Filmmaker Nino Leitner thankfully posted all details of this test at


Please download the original footage, as vimeo compression tends to smear out some hard facts!

All original files are available, if there is interest.

Some recent footage shot with the hack: vimeo.com/15480369

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