Here's a video review of the new Indiana Jones Pinball game that I have at my arcade, The Game Grid in West Valley City, Utah (@ Valley Fair Mall). This pinball game is really cool as it's fun, addicting and interesting to play. It's also a little tough but the challenge is one thing that gives it appeal - it's not the stinging challenge that makes you hate the game, it's the kind that makes you want to play more.

It's too bad that a lot of gamers pass up pinball because it's "not a video game" but for those that do pass it up they are missing out on a unique experience that no game console can ever match. For those that like buzzwords, pinball has uber-photorealistic 3D graphics on the playfield and real-world physics. :P

There are elements of each Indiana Jones movie to be found on the table, with toys representing each treasure Indy goes after from each movie. The object of the game, other than scoring points, is to unlock 4 scenes from each movie, which is shown on the orange LED display above the field. Naturally there are many quotes from the movies you hear as you play - minus Crystal Skull. Disappointingly there are only a couple of scenes from Crystal Skull and they are from the trailers. For some reason they count one scene as the giant rock rolling after Indy from Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are also no quotes from Crystal Skull. This might be remedied by an update - the game can be updated via a USB jump drive so hopefully they will release an update soon that includes actual scenes and quotes from the new movie so it feels like a complete experience. It is difficult to get up the Crystal Skull ramp anyways so it's not a really big deal.

Indiana Jones pinball is for 1-4 players, definently check it out if you drop by. We also have Shrek pinball, which I'll be reviewing soon. I would like to have more pins but I can only afford so much at the moment and I've already gone over my budget so that will have to wait. Next Stern will be releasing Dark Knight, which is based upon the two latest Batman films, hopefully that will be excellent as well.

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