Cannon 7D
50mm Nikon 1:1.4 Lens
Edited in
Final Cut Pro

This is my first film and I would like to thank Sam Allam, Vy-Liam NG and Julian Tovar for teaching me and giving me the gift of film making.

I came on this project as a photographer, invited by Sam Allam to be part of a four man documentary media team, to document the children's home out here in Thailand, just a few KM from the Burma border. The doc focuses on the Ethnic minority children refugees that are often fleeing rape, torture, slavery and murder at the hands of the Burmese government. All the people in this film have found refuge at the safe house of Paw Lu Lu. A nobel peace price nominee who has been caring for these Karen, Mon and Shon for more than seventeen years. All the children, through her love, see her as a role model and aspire to be great things despite their dark backgrounds.

The seeds she has planted in these people will grow to cure this land. The one became ten, the ten became many and the many I have no doubt will become thousands.

I want to dedicate this film to Sam and Vy-Liam Ng. They have passed on two years of experience and knowledge onto me, that for them was hard fought and hard won. It is extremely rare to find people who would give such a gift to anyone and I am eternally grateful.

It has been a privilege to spend a month with them who are without a doubt two of the most talented individuals I have ever encountered. Sam taught me to colour grade, really consider shots and films. Vy taught me final cut pro and how to use rigs. Julian taught me techniques and I really enjoyed trying to solve the many problems of camera settings and methods with him.

They have chiseled me to be capable of this and this is as much their film as it is mine in every sense.

When Sam put a 7D in my hand and told me to get cut away shots for the doc, i came back with this.

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