This is a short video of my 6 month old reef aquarium.
A lot of the corals, fish and rock were in my old 100 gallon aquarium and were transfered to the new tank once it was cycled (once the tank was healthy enough to support life). So even though the tank has been running for 6 months it might look a little older than that.
I've had a lot of comments/questions about the cool white fish with red spots. The common name of that fish is Red Spotted Blenny (Istiblennius chrysospilos). One of these days I'll make a video with just that one fish.
The aquarium: 150g starphire glass tank- 60x24x24, with a 35g sump and 45g refugium underneath. Lighting: two 250w Helios 20K metal halides (Luminarc reflectors) plus two 5' T5 actinics. Flow is provided by two Rio Hyperflow returns, two Seio powerheads in the tank and a closed loop that feeds lockline all along the back of the tank. I use Ocean Pure salt.
Tech sutff: shot with a Canon XH-A1 and edited in Adobe Premiere. For many of the shots a Canon 500D and or Century Optics Achromatic Diopter was/were used too. Tripod for everything.
Thanks for watching!

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