NOW VIEW THE ENTIRE FILM ON VIMEO VOD...Double the terror in this 33 minute cut of the award winning horror featurette THE RED DOOR.


The Red Door is a blood-drenched psychological mystery through the distorted gaze of Lynda (Estefania Iglesias) and her fantasy self, Loma, heroines who both try to redeem Lynda from a tragic past. Described as a modern 'Giallo' film—a reference to the Italian exploitation shockers of the '60s and '70s— The Red Door takes us through a dark and visually striking journey set in the streets of Hollywood and in the bent mind of its heroine Lynda. (Review)
"Jason Bognacki's The Red Door (2008)... the most horrifying thing 
I've seen committed to film in a long, long time......Immensely 
stylish...Unrelenting, astounding...The Red Door alone 
is worth the price of the DVD" (Review)
"A sensational visual style; beautiful floating camerawork...
 a mesmerizing cinematic experience that swayed 
like a sensual dream gone awry."

Indie Film Chat (Review)
The Red Door... Part David Lynch psychological mind trip
 and part Dario Argento blood drenched giallo!"

"This film is art."


WIN! Overall Excellence (BEST FILM OF THE FESTIVAL) -
WIN! Best Actor (David Fine)
WIN! Best Actress (Estefania Iglesias)

NOMINATED! Overall Excellence : The Red Door
NOMINATED! Best Actor : David Fine
NOMINATED! Best Actress : Estefania Iglesias
NOMINATED! Best Cinematography : Jason Bognacki

Strasbourg International Film Festival 2009
WINS: Best Musical Score - Jason Bognacki

2009 Haunted Horror International Film Fest

Best Newbie Horror Director
Best Horror Short Film Director
Best Horror Short Film Xperimental
New Horror Film Break out Performances:
Newbie Horror Killer- David Fine, (The Red Door)
Best Horror Short Film Actor - David Fine, (The Red Door)
Horror Film Hottie Awards:
Hottest Horror Film Siren -Estefania Iglesias
Best Horror Short Film Actress -Estefania Iglesias,

Best Horror Short Film Editor - The Red Door
Best Horror Short Film Music - Loma Lynda (The Red Door)

The Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles 2008 Los Angeles,CA

A Night of International Horror 2009 in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2009 Sydney, Australia

The Boston Underground Film Festival 2009 Boston, MA

Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2009 Atlanta, GA

2009 Haunted Horror International Film Fest Atlanta, GA

The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival 2009 Erie,PA

Strasbourg International Film Festival 2009 - Strasbourg, France

Shockfest - 2009- Hollywood,CA

Festival de Nancy International Film Festival 2010 - Nancy, France

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