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Bring your drumsticks, spoons, keys, and selves to join a crew of Vancouverites as they move through the city making music with the urban landscape.


* June 26, 2010 at 1:00pm


* Meet in front of the Commodore Ballroom at Granville and Smithe in downtown Vancouver. From there, we’ll slowly make our way towards Gastown.

What to bring:

* Drumsticks! If you can bring extra sticks to share, even better!
* Small percussion instruments are welcome: cowbells, agogo bells, tambourines, claves, shakers, sleigh bells, triangles, shekeres, maracas, body jewellery, finger cymbals, etc.
* Anything that can make noise on the street: kitchen utensils, paint brushes, pencils, chopsticks, tap shoes, keys, etc. Be creative!
* Please don’t bring musical instruments (drums, horns, guitars) as we want to emphasize the use of the actual street as the instrument.

What to play:

* Anything that is a part of public space -- street furniture, lamp posts, sidewalks, garbage bins, newspaper boxes, manhole covers, utility boxes, bike racks, fences, parking meters, railings – you name it.

What NOT to play:

* Private Property -- cars, bikes, storefronts, windows, street vending carts, sandwich boards, anything delicate. Be smart and respectful.

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Vancouver Public Space Network (vpsn.ca)

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