Megamix of Yuxtapongo, the NC public access TV show.

A collage of sound and video from Yuxtapongo's first 18 episodes, stitched together with a mixtape logic of juxtaposition and loose narrative. Edited by Neill Prewitt (

From videos and music by Mike Nutt, Neill Prewitt, Matt Hedt, Chad Byrne, The Moaners, Nick Speaks, The Shards, Jesse England, Ellie Blake, Will Prewitt, Jeff Rehnlund, Billy Sugarfix, Bryan Risk, Kevin Eugene Clark, Lincoln Hancock, A/V Geeks, Rich Gurnsey, Irene Moon, Yes! Sputnik, Translucent Dolphin, Dan McCafferty, Pinche Gringo, Weavexx, Double Negative, Kate Mabe, Hobert Thompson, and Ben Spiker.

Made for a Yuxtapongo screening with TV Carnage ( at Nightlight in Chapel Hill, NC, June 2010.

Yuxtapongo: NC public access TV 2008-12. 40 episodes (plus a Megamix) at

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