Another Love Story

I always believed that you gotta live your life with passion, no matter what the subject is. And so it is with DMT.

I layed my eyes on Marchetti's dilatometer in Madrid in 1995, and right away i felt very found of its simplicity and possibility of providing very useful geotechnical information. Two months later i had the equipment with me and start learning about its simplicity and adequacy for field execution, its fundamental teorethical basis, the utility of test parameters for in-situ stress state, stress history, strength and stiffness evaluations and all the useful applications for design purposes.

Thus, i've been using it for more than 15 years with unsuspected success. First with sedimentary soils, the field it was prepared for, then with i apllied it for the first time to residual (granitic) soils (during my MSc work) to whom i had to develop specific correlations for deriving geotechnical properties and finally learning residual soils behaviour from it. It has been a long and successfull relationship that led me to a high level of geotechnical engineering. And i became A Knight of the Blade

Being so, when preparing a residual soil characterization PhD, the DMT had to be included, both for its utility and my passion on it.
Now, when leaving Sri Lanka, i reviewed all the references, compiled and analyzed all the practical knowledge resulting from my own experience and got ready for the fundamental experience of my work. With Passion, obviously.

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