Video montage interspersed with Anonymous peaceful protest pix from Clearwater Florida USA, or as the cult calls it "Flag". This is the heart of the malicious cult of scientology where Lisa McPherson was killed and other cult members have died under mysterious circumstances. See

July 12 will be the 6th straight month of peaceful GLOBAL protests against the malicious cult-corporation of scientology. This month's theme is "Spy vs Sci: License to LULZ". The goal is to educate the public about the Scientology Cult's very own intelligence division, The Office of Special Affairs or (OSA).

In the 70's the early OSA, known as the Guardian Office, was responsible for Operation Snow White, the largest case of domestic espionage to ever occur in the USA. But it wasn't limited to the US, government agencies were broken in to and documents stolen from 19 countries around the world. LRon Hubbard's wife and nine others went to federal prison for their crimes.

Google Operation Snow White

Official Spy vs Sci website for the 7/12 global protest:

To join the fun, find your city here:

Soundtrack is "Scientology = WTF?" by MC Lars

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