The Detox is Fluid Kayaks' latest creation. Introduced in Spring 2010, this boat is the missing link between playboats and creekboats.
Fluid Team Paddler and Team Manager David Arnaud says: "Ever since Fluid unveiled the design last falls at the Kanu Messe in Germany, I've been looking forward to sit in the production Detox and take it down a variety of runs in the French Alps to test its abilities. Running the Guil gorge at high level was a blast. It's an ultra-classic class IV run but it gets very pushy at high waterlevels. I just needed to give the Detox a bit of speed to start making my way down, shredding waves and boofing holes, taking full advantage of the rails and easy edge-to-edge transition. Boofing the multiple waterfalls on the Fournel river was very fun too. It was easy to boof hard while keeping the boat in line. It also resurfaced very well."

Ultimately the Detox was tested by a few Team paddlers during a Fluid trip down the Mvumzubu in South Africa last april. Even heavily loaded, the Detox worked like a charm. Weither cruising some class II/III or running the gnar like Andrew Kellet did on that trip, the Detox is a boat that pretty much does it all!

Currently available in size M. Sizes S and L will arrive in the second semester of 2010.

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