This is the Q&A session from a seminar we did recently in conjunction with B&H Sound. I often think the Q&A is the best bit of these days so its great to share this clip with you.

Questions answered include:

* What is the role of the electric guitarist in a band - loads of practical advice here
* How should you mic a woodwind instrument?
* Advice on hearing loops - what should you put through the loop and best practice for placement of loops
* Advice for starting songs as a band beyond just a keyboard doing the intro
* Advice on foldback mixes
* Helpfulness of digital backing tracks, loops and drum machines in a live band setting
* Feedback into the sound system from computers and laptops

(Sorry about people wandering about in front of the camera - our usual camera person was on stage as part of the Q&A panel so the camera was just on a tripod)

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