When he met her…

His heart skipped a beat.

The sun became the moon…

& cold turned into heat.

Roses weren’t red…

Violets weren’t blue.

All because he fell in love with her…

& that is how Dhamendra felt when he fell in love with Suneet.

The title Dawn Love was given for a reason…

This wedding was our 1st dawn wedding & it was Dharmendra’s & Suneet’s dream wedding.

The Sikh wedding ceremony was held at the Gurudwara Sahib Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur on the 7/06/10.

& the Hindu wedding ceremony was held at Pangkor Laut, Perak on the 9/06/10 at 4 a.m.

It was an amazing experience at Pangkor Laut for us….the wedding took place by the beach…it was a dream wedding which became reality.

It wasn’t easy to wake up early in the morning but it was worth as we managed to see the sunrise by the beach.

On the 11/06/10, the wedding reception was held in P.J. Hilton.

The performances and speeches on that day were really good & touching.

We did like to give a thumbs up to the Malaysian Dhol Federation…they played an awesome number called ‘After the Rain’.

Dhol Federation is based in Malaysia. They perform shows/gigs in Malaysia & around the world.

Besides that, the Bolly Rockers & the Millennium dance group performed too.

Best wishes to Dharmendra & Suneet.


Greg & Team

P/S: Special thanks to Sree from Sonic Image for supporting us in this wonderful shoot, our guest videographer that joined us for the Pangkor Laut wedding!

Note: -


Thanks a lot for liking our work. I have to say that this latest Pangkor Laut wedding, is beautiful. Its our first Dawn wedding n its amazing.

Nevertheless, to view this video, the latest instruction from the couple that u may need to email them directly for Password.


Thanks a lot again for your interest in viewing this amazing video of their wedding.


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