Project: Behind the Scenes Recording Guns

Production Company: 226 Radium Films

Director: 226 Radium Films

Motion Graphics: Clemens Wirth - Austria
Film Kit: Canon 5D Mk II


Background: We wanted to capture a behind the scenes to demonstrate our approach at Radium Audio.
This film is was shot by us, music - sound designed and edited and we commissioned Clemens Wirth to create the after fx you see layered on top.

The purpose of the film is to capture the approach and support the recent commissions from The Mill and Sky One with 100% genuine sounds.

We were commissioned by The Mill to sound design & edit the music for the new Codemasters “Bodycount” promo for E3.

And also by Sky One to create music and sound for a new promo with LL Cool J - NCIS TV. Radium founder Andrew Diey has a background in game development and has worked on over 25 games and our approach is to always capture and record sounds for what we work on. We cannot go into too much detail about the gun day, but we recorded all the sounds and our promo work contains 100% original source material, from the guns to the score.

How we did it: Set up the mic, testing levels, choose the guns from the armory, lock, load, gun handling, foley, 
we didnt want to add any gun sounds to our first, but give you an alternative take on sound design.

Sounds we created include: All Music & Sound Design

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