a film by Rainer Mathias Büttner, Jörg Jauernig und Marc Tobias Winterhagen.

"Once upon a time there was a border within germany . Now there is not. Gone almost without leaving a trace. Only the traces and scars in the heads of both, guards and guarded people, are still there, – like the old watchtowers, in concrete founded, lifeness images of these. Both tell their story about cruelty, fear, power(lessness) at the coldest point in the Cold War. And about the course of time, 13 years later."

3:00 min / minidv / color / 1,33:1 (!) / non verbal
(c) Leipzig 2003, Subsidized by the EU as "Youth for Europe"

Festivals & Awards:

2005 - 01. Busho Int. Shortfilm Festival Budapest
2004 - 02. Int. Shortfilm Festival Tirana
2004 - 01. German Shortfilm Festival Quito

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