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Dear Fellow Canadians:

After watching the video, how do you feel? Now that you have seen, what can you do? Don’t tell me, tell the MPs!

Understand we are living in a different age. The Age of Technology is now making the transition to the Age of Communications. We are at the onset of this. Imagine if Socrates had Facebook, or the Buddha tweeted- What would they say? Five years ago, did you think that credible news stations would use Facebook stats in there broadcasts? Being at the forefront, we understand that social media will change our accepted authority’s projected notions of “democracy”. The Red Queen Theory tells us that continuing development is needed in order to maintain it fitness relative to the systems it is co-evolving with. Political systems are outdated in today’s age- Officials aren’t even allowed computers in the House of Commons. Democracy is dependent on participation for the dialectic of truth in decision making. The problem is that voter confidence and participation is at an all time low. From the Canadian Governments decision to prorogue Parliament earlier this year, ironically because of detainee issues, to the blunders of self interested Members of the House of Commons- We are dissident to our government, as they have let us down on many occasions.

Don’t just point fingers at the Government though. We like being complacent. It’s comfortable. The systems in place are fine, they may need a bit of an upgrade, but it is you that is not doing your part either. We elect individuals, but never check them afterwards. Therefore they are ignorant to what matters to you in the present moment. You are able to contact them, start a conversation, even develop a relationship- but you don’t. Officials must be engaged in order to serve you. That is how it works. You have the technology at your finger tips. Yet most use it for bullshit. People must empower themselves to reclaim their autonym they have unknowingly handed to elected officials who are bombarded with a plethora of problems and only focus on certain issues that meet the needs of their constitutes. Issues are only brought to attention and put onto the agenda by a major crisis, catastrophe, and most importantly, by those individuals who participate.

The purpose of the Dialectics social experiment is to see if people will engage with their elected officials if given the opportunity and tools. This experiment will start with dissidence of the Canadian government, using the Sri Lanka experience as a platform. There are a number of reasons for this, namely the timing, the events in the country, the size of the Diasporas, and the current state of affairs. You are provided with the video and an email list of all 308 Members of the House of Commons. We are providing you with the tools- now what are you going to do? Copy, Paste, Send.

Participants are asked to do the following:

1. Watch the video
2. Copy and paste the video link ( vimeo.com/12715534 ) and email addresses provided from your email account
3. Form an own opinion and provide your thoughts and comments
4. Send and await a response from the elected representatives
5. Let us know what happened.

Isn’t this your government? Elected officials and political parties should respond to questions asked to them by citizens. It is your democratic right to get a response from those you have forfeited your own representation too, isn’t it? Why else do these positions exist? The problem is very few exercises this right as it is seen as a tedious endeavour. In reality, it’s not. Even if you write one sentence or “FYI”- it’s something. The goal is to see how many citizens are required to have this issue discussed in the House of Commons- since Canada has decided to stay silent about this humanitarian crisis.

We highly recommend that you also do your own research, form your own opinion, converse with your peers, and contact other individuals you feel should be aware.

Before all other identities and notions that one has of oneself, one should not compromise being a human being first. Human beings deserve human rights.

Do not be afraid of your own voice.

Be Wise. Be Bold. Be U.


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