Alex Lilly, the lead singer of Obi Best, asked me to direct a video for her because she had seen some of my other work with Willoughby and Eleni Mandell. The track really wasn't my usual style, so all the more reason why I decided to do it! Side note, you may recognize Alex as the back up vocalist for the "Bird & the Bee."

At the time I made this video, bands like MGMT were just becoming popular. There was this entire movement of neo-hippy, headdress wearing, 80's influenced hipsters coming along. What I wanted to do was create something that would seem to fit into the music scene at the time, but take it in the direction of the 80's I remembered.

Out of all the characters that live on this street, this grumpy neighbor chooses to pick on Alex. He is annoyed with the way Alex parks her car, and continues to leave her notes everyday. Alex and her band get in their car, which happens to be a spaceship that transports them to a David Bowie like galaxy that they can prank call the neighbor from space! It's all ridiculous, and it was meant to be. I needed a creative break, something less serious and not period piece. This video was that shot of randomness I was looking for.

Directed by Manny Marquez
Cinematography by Rod Hassler
Edited by Alfredo Ritta
Models by Chuck McCarthy

Released on Social Science Records

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