" I believe Pauls gospel that he so loved and preached was not a gospel of salvation for the redemption of sins only; to me the redemption of sins is simply the doorway (Jesus being the door). The gospel is "Hey everyone we can experience Jesus' kingdom now!
And so the salvation message is Jesus the high priest is our doorway into a wonderful experience of Kingdom life, and access to a throne room and places off limits to those outside of Jesus. And so Paul's gospel is "We have access to have relationship and intimacy NOW!
When you get this and "visit" this unseen realm reality your live completely differently and you understand as paul did manmade regulations or even well meaning formula's of how to, are "seeing" from a completely different vantage point. I believe as Jesus took his disciples on this journey they went from living in their own kingdom and being concerned about me to seeing differently and being consumed by the Kingdom."

Gary Grant
Senior Pastor
Friends First Church

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