This is 2nd project I've done during "Dynamic Graphic Design" workshop conducted by prof Jan Kubasiewicz in Cieszyn PL, June 2010

mapping sound 2


— Visually record the soundscape of one particular piece of music.


— Listen to the music carefully.

— Visually record (sketch) what you are hearing. Try to understand the structure of sound composition.

— Use visual language to "map" the structure of sound composition and the experience of listening.

— Create a system of equivalencies between visual and sound domain.

— Develop dynamic version of "mapping" in the form of a movie (use any tools).

This is an excerpt of the whole piece, other excerpts were made by different participants of the workshop and then put together.

We were using a piece called "collage" by Eugeniusz Rudnik
polish avant-garde composer Eugeniusz Rudnik

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