I shot and edited this footage of the protest at the Port of Oakland, CA on Sunday, June 20, 2010. Many lies that are being spread about the protest/protesters are directly contradicted by my footage and interviews. I was there for at least 12 of the 14 hours that the action was in progress. I know what I saw and I have hours of footage of it on these neat little cards that were tucked inside my fully functioning camera.

Costing an apartheid government real money for their actions- it was a key strategy against apartheid South Africa. Humanitarians, activist, organizers, justice-minded global citizens in the US are renewing their campaigns against the Israeli government's treatment of Palestine/Palestinians.

Boycott. Divest. Sanction.

This is one example, a renewal and hopefully revitalization of the BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement. On this historic day I witnessed the first time in history that a US community and labor coalition has prevented the unloading of an Israeli cargo ship at a US port.

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