Choreography, sound and video: Freya Bjorg Olafson
Performers: Spenser Theberge, Arika Yamada, Brittany Davis, Lindsay Parker, Jordan McHenry
Mentor: Helene Blackburn
Duration: 18 minutes

During The Springboard Danse Montreal Project in July 2007 I had the opportunity to create an installation dance work under the mentorship of artistic director/ choreographer of Cas Public, Helene Blackburn. The Springboard Danse Project concluded with a performance of the new works of four selected emerging choreographers (including myself) alongside those of participating senior choreographers Christopher House, Helene Blackburn, Roger Sinha, and Melanie Demers in Montreal at Usine C on July 13th, 2007.

The work I created is entitled “Being and Becoming”. Specifically, I was interested in exploring physical and emotional transformations. Over the last two years my conceptual focus has been on personal and artistic identity, stemming from significant research into the areas of ethnic and gender theory. With these dancers I focused on the manifestations of internal transformation through facial and physical expression. “Being and Becoming” is 15 minutes in length and it is performed in tandem with edited video that is projected on the wall as well as played on two television monitors. This creation is a continuation of my interest in refining the integration of the mediums in which I have significant skill and training. I choreographed the new work within the three weeks at Springboard as well as shot and edited video and manipulated sound material which I had been working with since December 2006.

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