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Cut Stories is a is a multi-monitor, semi-circular video installation, in which all monitors
function as one elongated screen, using custom software to playback short real stories of surgeries, home repair and car accidents told by the participants, who document themselves while also being shot by a pair of mechanized cameras. The piece oscillates between moments when the entire apparatus of media production is shared and exposed, and more intimate ones where reactions are observed, translated, shared. The unique panoramic structure is derived by tiling different points in time next to each other in the space of the multiple monitors- thus observing reactions and the extended conversation both in the future and the past of the "present moment": all are visible concurrently.
The video shoot was a continuous, unrehearsed 3 hour participatory performance.
The installation consists of 8 monitors of varying sizes, custom software, and surround sound, being used to play back 6 of the stories.

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