A sociopolitical parody of 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane' starring Mark "Mom" Finley and David Duvall.

written, produced, directed, and edited by Jason Ganwich
camera: B. Parker
Sound design: Vinny Smith
lighting and set design: Jason Ganwich
Make-up and doll's nose: Kari Baumann
Jane's make-up and wardrobe: Mark "Mom" Finley
set decoration: Richard Byers, David Byers
assistant camera: Michael McGrath
Grips: Matt Peregrine, JD Henry
Location provided by: Glenna Lucas Mathews
special thanks: Gwenivive Morgaine Waters, Gina Boulette Waters, John P. Waters, Dylan Mathews, Austen Hoogen, Vanessa Eng, Jim Henry, Penny Cameron Culver Clapp

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