Deliquescence is a process of self dissolving.

Deliquescent is an intimate journey and because of its abstract quality it allows for multiple interpretations I welcome the viewers to give it their own emotional meaning.

It's an exploration of the drama which is implicit in slow motion footage.
Slow motion has the intensity of holding your breath, it's loaded with emotional expectations and fear. In slow motion, fascinating and unexpected shapes are revealed to the naked eye.

Sometimes in life we have the impression that time freezes, for instance, before diving off a high cliff into the ocean looking down, or during a car crash.

During the film two models, who are at times fighting the natural force of water, and other times are immersed in it, give the film a human quality and are given a cathartic role.

The soundtrack is a collection of sounds of nature mixed with electronic samples and the sound of heartbeat and breathing.

We borrowed clothes from Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon, Hussein Chalayan and Basso and Brooke. The makeup was provided by MAC.

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