5D: Play as Life at FMX 2010 pt. 3

At its purest form, play is the freedom of action. New notions of play, facilitated by innovations in technology and emerging ideas about interactivity, offer intuitive connections between people, culture and the built world. How play can and does seep into design and culture, and whether it will entertain or exhaust us is the subject of this panel.

Andrew Shoben, Founder, Greyworld , greyworld.org

Andrew Shoben is the founder of greyworld, a world renowned artists' collective who create art in public spaces. His work finds expression through the mediums of installation, sculpture and multiples. His primary objective is to create public art that involves the human in an urban context. Greyworld has created works in some hugely coveted locations across the world and they now have permanent installations in twelve countries. In 2004 he launched "The Source", a permanent installation for the London Stock Exchange that opens the markets every morning. It was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is watched by millions everyday on television around the world.

Andy Hendrickson, Chief Technology Officer, Walt Disney Animation Studios, disneyanimation.com

As Chief Technology Officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Andy Hendrickson is responsible for the strategy and direction of the technology used to create the variety of worlds in Disney's films. Equal measures of imagination, artistry, software and systems create the recipe that produces today's animated adventures. He began his career in motion pictures at Skywalker Sound in 1990, and has previously held senior posts at both PDI/Dreamworks and Industrial Light and Magic. He is a member of SMPTE and active in the area of technology for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Daljit Singh, Founder and Creative Director, Digit, digitlondon.com

Daljit Singh is the multi award winning creative director and founder of , one of the world’s longest established digital agencies. His creative philosophy has been based around the idea of simple human interaction, connecting people using technology. He also works with a set of interactive principles known as Feed that articulates the art and science of interaction. As founder and creative director Daljit has built relationships with the Design Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts, BAFTA and the Royal College of Arts he frequently attends international symposiums and conferences discussing Digit’s approach and outlook on the future of the industry.

Frank Vitz, Senior Art Director, Electronic Arts, ea.com

has been designing computer graphics, animation and visual effects since the 1980’s having created some of the first CG effects in a motion picture for the movie "Tron" at Robert Abel and Associates. During the 90’s Frank worked as an independent feature film VFX supervisor on movies such as "Stargate", "XMen 1" and "XMen2". He also designed visuals for several Theme Park rides including “The Adventures of Spiderman” in Orlando. Frank is currently at Electronic Arts in Canada, leveraging the convergence of Hollywood visual effects with the world of video games. His most recent project was "Fight Night Round 4".

T.H. Culhane, Solar Cities, facebook.com/l/716b2;solarcities.blogspot.com

T.H. Cullhane graduated from both Clown College and Harvard, studied theatre in Oxford and orangutans in the rainforests of Borneo. He spent a decade in Los Angeles ghetto schools teaching science through play using musical theatre, animation and multimedia. Admiring Disney’s original EPCOT, Culhane pursued his Masters/Ph.D. in Urban Planning at UCLA, doing research in Guatemalan and Egyptian slums. Culhane who now runs the NGO Solar CITIES with his German wife Sybille, is on a National Geographic Innovation grant to use new media and the principals of mammalian play to teach the poor how to create urban ecology technologies.


5D Conference

Digital technologies are blurring the boundaries between the passive and active experience of visual art, entertainment, environmental design and the built environment. Out of these transformations emerge unique challenges and inspirations for those facing the creative process of world-building and storytelling in narrative media.

5D offers a progressive platform for discourse on the present and future of immersive design, and its impact on all aspects of the creative media space, by engaging creative collaborators working in a broad spectrum of disciplines and media.

This unprecedented cultural event is curated for everyone involved in design and storytelling, and the creation of immersive environments, across all mediums. Its goal is to unite a vital community of designers and image-makers from across a broad spectrum of entertainment, built environment and media disciplines, and serve as a catalyst for innovation.

Join renowned designers and thinkers for a series of inspiring, educational and career-enhancing discussions and networking, focused on the evolving nature of entertainment content creation, the challenges of world-building, and the design of experience-driven environments.



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