Juicy future ideas for this week ending the 20/06/10: Ericsson interviews 20 leaders on their ideas of the future across various sectors, teleconferencing 3D holograms, IBM ready to show-off their 'Watson' AI answer bot, the Internet already a "boring" commodity, autonomous robots surveying the Gulf oil spill, and we talk Singularity, with a brief introduction to the potential of a super-massive neural network of human brains. Juicy, juicy brains!

Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links: hive45.com/shows/episode-20-ideas-ai-bots-neural-web/

Stories covered this week:
Ericsson 2020 Future Ideas Interviews, Don Tapscott on the Influence of the Younger Generation, George Yeo on the Technological Influence on Politics, Adrian Bowyer on 3D Printing, USC 3D Teleconferencing System (2008), IBM's 'Watson' Takes on Jeopardy!, New York Times Watson Trivia Game, Siri iPhone App, Wikipedia: The Semantic Web, The Internet: Everything You Ever Need to Know, iRobot Autonomous Seaglider Reporting the Oil Spill in the Gulf, Be a Visiting Fellow at the Singularity Institute, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, The Singularity Summit, H+ Summit, SingularityTube

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