When taking a Sweeper shot the ball should be drawn back behind your back leg
Think of it as throwing a ball, in order to get more power, you want to pull it back so you can get a lot of power
Weight transfer increase the shooting power. When you begin the shot the weight is almost evenly distributed, while taking the shot
you should move almost all weight to the front leg and push off with your back and front leg, thus putting more power and energy into your Sweeper shot

At the start of the Sweeper the ball should be located at the heel, or close to it, of the blade
While you are executing the Sweeper the ball will roll forwards toward the toe of your blade.
This will give the ball a spin, and also allow you to aim where you want to shoot.

Your follow through is very important, when you follow through you are essentially aiming where the ball is going.

Tip- Use your whole body to follow through. Don´t forget to lift your head and look where the goal is.

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