Workers In Song Edinburgh (Preview Version)
A film By Julien Pearly
A song by Matt Norris and the Moon

WISE 1.1 - First Light of Day
WISE 1.2 - Before There is Frost
WISE 1.3 - Treacherous Lands
WISE 1.4 - This Year

Edinburgh, 4th of June

Edinburgh is an amazing place for music. It happens everywhere if you look attentively. And if you want to hear completely unknown local bands, I recommend you to walk along the meadows path where you are sure to get into sight of some great fellow musicians having a ball with their instruments...

Nevermind! We go outside for the song I really wanted to film since the morning (WISE1.2) and arriving downstairs I notice the French little restaurant in the corner of the street. Why not starting the song from there and have with the frenchy sign introducing the shot. The band will be waiting at the top of the gate with royal mile on their back. We do a first try but then my camera stops half way through. Damn! We go for a second take knowing the band needs to go quite soon so it will be our last try. All goes well until a car just appears from nowhere in this little street, I’m in the middle of the road holding the camera, both matt and me don’t know if we should go on. Suddenly Lucia pulls me on the side and does a sign to the car to wait for the end of the shooting. Amazingly when she does so I keep framing matt guitar then go back to a quieter frame of mind as I see him smiling when he misses a string. For the rest of the song I have doubts if this is the right take and even bump into the cobbles of the pavement a few times. But the atmosphere up at the gate with people stopping by to watch us and this hairy man at the end all smiling and thanking us make the video a jewel of little incidents, so I’m sure now we couldn’t have done better.

Time for the concert and for the band to go, I thank Lucia for her help as she needs to go to work and go with Jake to attend the Tale of two Maggies night. What a night! Organized for a charity cause, Matt and his band are the first to play among a long list of others.

Treacherous Land (WISE 1.3) is a song that goes right through the core of my heart. When I keep hearing the repeated phrase “can’t you see I have tried with all my mind, with all my heart because I might be right?” I can’t stop thinking of the past but also to the reason why I’m filming all these bands. It’s more than for passion and work that I’m doing this, it’s a need, for the present, for the future.

Julien Pearly

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