Created by Regan O'Brien and Zuzanna Kilmova in collaboration with Simon Milligan.

Performed in Blick Studios, Belfast.

A response to Social Dreaming Sessions and a task based social choreography for cameras; Dreamscape is based on the network of associations and relations developed through the dream dialogue, and 6 weeks of working with the images resulting from the Choreography, the audio recording of Social Dreaming Sessions and the connections we found between them.
Audio was arranged by Simon Milligan.
Visuals were edited and sequenced by Zuzanna Kilmova
Space and Movement was developed by Regan O'Brien
Video Footage included was shot by Astrid Walsh and re-edited by Zuzanna Kilmova.
Stills Photographs included were taken by Dream Dialogue participants in response to the choreography for cameras which was created by Regan O'Brien.

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