Artist: Mistapool & Jupiter 7
Title: Keep It Movin' feat: Kalene Tanaka
Album: Mistapool & Jupiter 7
Label: War Tour Productions / End Of Earth Records

Despite the distance between them, Mistapool and Jupiter 7 connect with one another to make an album; self titled. Mistapool on the beats, Jupiter 7 on the rhymes, with guest appearances by other DJs and MCs create a fresh Hip Hop album.

All scenes and locations are close to heart to the each of the artists and have a story behind it.

To purchase the album:
Hard Copy at:
or other digital outlets such as amazon and stuff...just google it, and thanks for the support!

Big Thanks To:
Mistapool - for the pursuit to finish a whole LP, rather than a short EP, we really fed off your energy. For giving me a place to stay and Feeding me, Chilling with your family was a blast! Along with your friends, for taking me down the memory lane of how hip hop gave birth in Russia and Belarus.
TakeOne - for the help you've provided when filming in Moskow and Vitebsk, keeping everyone in a good mood by just being yourself.
DJ Fedel - Letting us use your place for some filming, and for hooking us up with a bunch of insightful material. For letting us use you car a smash around Moskow street ;)
Slavik - For the place to stay, and for driving us around those traffic filled streets and highways of Moskow.
If there is anyone I forgot....ohh Mr. Jupiter 7 - Despite the arguments and stress during the preproduction stages, when doubts questioned if this was even going to happen, thanks for being patiently cool while dealing with me, as tried to do likewise.

Peace to everybody

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