update: RIP John Neville. What an honour it was to get the chance to work with a true legend and such a limitless talent. You'll be missed.

Directed by: Julian van Mil
Produced by: Sarah Arruda & Julian van Mil

Woman: Jennifer Nichols
Death: Kyle Kass
Narrator: John Neville

Cinematographer: Alan Poon
Production Designer: Letica Luna
Choreographers: Shira Wolch & Jennifer Nichols

W.H. Auden's "Death's Echo" adapted by E.R. Wexler

Editor, Compositor and Designer: Julian van Mil
Skull Tracking and Animation: Daniel Luna
Room Explosion by: Mark Stepanek
Skull Model by: Bill Davidson
Matte Painting and Look Dev: Al van Mil

Original Score by: Eric van Mil
Sound Design and Mixed by: Robert E. Garfinkle
Orchestral Edit by: David Fleury
Original Score Mixed by: Craig Saltz
Original Score Preformed by: Stephan Ermel, Jaron Freeman-Fox, Sebastian Shinwell, Eric van Mil
Orchestral Piece "Danse Macabre" by: Camille Saint-Saëns

Assistant Director: Jennifer Kassabian
Location Manager: Sonny Ganz
1st Assistant Camera: Stefan Kuchar, Marcus Matyas
2nd Assistant Camera: Blake Hamilton
DMT: Ben Goldberg
Gaffer: Marcus Matyas
Key Grip: Branden Brathuin
Set VFX Supervision: Daniel Luna, Mark Stepanek
Sound Recordist and Playback: Robert E. Garfinkle
Catering: Phil Dubrovsky
Still Photography: Arieh Singer

Produced with the Assistance of the Filmmakers Assistance Program at the National Film Board of Canada.

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