I first heard "Murasaki Blue" off Erwin Romulo's laptop during one of the writer's brainstorm meetings of the first season of Project Runway Philippines (PRP). I immediately fell in love with the song and, soon after, Dorques drummer, Aimee Marcos, asked me to direct the video.

The first thing that came to mind was the performance shots. I saw this Clap Your Hands Say Yeah photo that inspired me to clothe the band with LED lights and have their instruments made out of Christmas lights, but I was coming up with blanks with regards to the narrative.

One day during pre-production, PRP Head Writer, Mihk Vergara, told me his insanely amazing concept for the "Murasaki Blue" video, which showered love for one of his favorite childhood tv shows, Shaider. We decided to co-direct the video, combining Mihk's narrative and my performance shots. Dorques bassist, Arnel Fabiniana, suggested the instruments on the grocery cart shot, which was pure gold. Arnel also composed the "Murasaki Blue" TV theme song. As he was finishing his first mix, there was a blackout at his house and he had to do everything again.

Mihk and I collaborated on the shotlist and even shot the "opening credits" sequence guerilla-style (i.e. we both composed the 2-man crew that pretended to be shooting a student film on Giraffe Street). With regards to the editing of this, I just went crazy and started drumming as I was cutting, so that is what you see here. I think it all turned out dandy.

This is the official music video off The Dorques's self-titled first album.

Gutch Gutierrez & Paul Lazo as Murasaki Blue
Mara Andres & Nina Beltran as Annie

Directed by Mihk Vergara & Marie Jamora
Produced by Brainchild Creatives
Director of Photography: Pong Ignacio
Production Design: Trinka Lat
Styling: Sharon See
Production Manager: Erik Malaya
Production Assistant: Harold Soon

Murasaki Blue TV show Director of Photography: Marie Jamora
Edited by Marie Jamora
Color Correction by Maui Mauricio

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