A Bald E-Gal Production, 10 years in the making... Here is a quick taste...

Viktor Simco
Nate Lavik
Randy "The Killer"
Brandon Larson
Shane Ruprecht
Dan Brisse
Cody Beiersdorf
Ryan Paul

Ezra Jacobson, Casey Desmond, Tony Young, Sara Winger, Terra Michilot, Jordan Michilot, Krister Ralles, Austin Young, Matt Faust, Poachers - Tiller hammers & bolts reel, & special guests...

PRODUCED BY: Mike Thienes, Justin Turkowski, Brian Dow | PRINCIPLE VIDEOGRAPHY: Sam Fenton | EDITOR & MOTION DESIGN: Brian Dow | ADDITIONAL VIDEOGRAPY: Sam Larson, Riley Erickson, Josh LaBaw, Mike Thienes, Chris Grundberg, Mike Wiener, Jon Otte, Eoin Small, Justin Turkowski, Jim Langer, Absinthe Films

Plants & Animals
The Mama Papa


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