Outfeet is an innovative prosthetic leg for amputee women, focused on women and their unique needs.

Most of the prosthesis available in the market today still tries to imitate the look of a natural leg, and most of the time, fail miserably to compete with the real thing. Prosthesis that don't try to imitate the human body look, often use a simple light steel pole that disregards the female body silhouette.

Outfeet aims to turn the disadvantage to an advantage, and suggest not only a medical device but a fashion accessory. It gives the amputee the ability to express and recreate herself according to her mood, special events or desirable look.

A collection of flexible skins can be stretched on the carbon fiber body to give it the volume and Silhouette of a leg without compromising its functionality or overloading the leg. Outfeet addresses amputee women who still would like to overcome the trauma and lead a colorful and sexy life.

music by:Onili

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