There are many stories attributed to raven and he is seen throughout northwestern native mythology as a figure of great import. Nearly all of the tribes of the American northwest have an oral tradition about the raven and how his actions have affected human development.

The Inuit of Alaska have a creation story that tells of a great struggle between Raven and a sea creature of indeterminable size and scope. Using his harpoon, Raven captured the creature and it thus became the land. In another story, Raven brings sunlight to a dark world. The Tsimshian of British Columbia and Alaska were given light by the raven, who tricked a tribal chief along the Nass River. The chief kept the light in a box in his lodging and the raven conceived an intricate scheme to obtain it. Raven transformed himself into a spruce needle and then fell from the sky into a cup of water that the chief’s daughter was drinking and impregnated her.

Born into human form, Raven stole the chief’s box and then transformed into his original shape. As he flew away with his prize, he encountered a group of fishermen. Hungry, Raven asked the group if he could have some of their catch. When they refused, he flew off and released the daylight. In this story, early native oral tradition blends both the trickster with the transformer figure, another important aspect of native religious development; one often seen with trickster stories.

JOKER Jewellery Workshop has worked out its own approach to informal imitation jewelry modeling. We have created our original and recognized style and today we are proud that today JOKER brand stands for inimitable creativity and the highest quality possible.

Various in their forms and meanings, all pendants in our Mystical Animalistics Collection conceptually feature the most characteristic elements of Gothic, Ethnic, Fantasy and Rock subcultures. Creating and forming this collection we used lots of folklore, history and art materials on different historical periods of our civilization.

JOKER Jewellery Shop creates informal and non-conformist jewelry, attributes and accessories in Gothic, Ethnic, Fantasy and Rock styles. In design and stylistics of our jewelry we follow the most popular and widely known modern youth subcultures. Working on the collections we successfully blend traditional technologies and present-day design developments and approaches.

From time to time some fairy creatures appear among people. Evil or friendly, they have mystic abilities for either creation or destruction and may look beautiful or, otherwise, totally monstrous. They are our eternal company in the long run of the world history. Invisible or unnoticed, they are always by our side. They are our neighbors on this planet and it’s nice to know one’s neighbors by sight. So, let us look into the faces of those who keep watch for us from their secret world.

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