The first steps on a long road ….

Michael Hall is an award-winning Australian based photographer. He was voted European Photographer of the Year by the Federation of European Photographers in 2006 and was a Hasselblad Masters Finalist in 2009.

Following a near-fatal cycling accident in 2007, Michael decided to re-evaluate his work, and embarked on an ambitious personal project: to document the causes and effects of climate change throughout the world.

Michael now devotes his life to highlighting the impact of climate change and the damage we are all doing to our planet, and to showing how we are able to mitigate that damage by implementing carbon-neutral technologies. He plans to spread his message through a series of exhibitions, books and speaking events that showcase his beautiful, yet tragic imagery.

As the world’s governments drive economies with fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas, big business in turn dictates governments’ policies. Together, they are driving the human race and all species further toward an unprecedented man-made disaster.

Australia exports more coal than any other nation, and burns more coal per head of population than any other country. Sadly, 2009 figures show that Australia’s CO2 output of 20.58 tonnes per person has now overtaken America’s 19.78 tonnes output. There is no sign of this figure reducing in the future.

The environment is the fundamental basis of all things, and is essential to our survival. Yet, the need to change our profligate burning of carbon, while understood by many, is being upheld by so few. Human-induced global warming is the key factor in the severity of Australia’s recent drought. As the driest habitable continent, it’s no surprise that Australia is one of the first to feel the impact of climate change on its natural drought cycle.

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