How to clean your projector properly can guarranty projection work well. Video by Projector,Screen, Projector Ceiling Mount Center –

Dust buildup is a common problem for any projector-based system. The gathering dust inside the projector will influence heat dissipation, accelerate aging of some hardware equipment and impact the projection. Therefore, knowing how to clean your expensive LCD HDMI Projector is important. By following these instructions, you will be able to safely clean your LCD HDMI Projector.

Tools You'll Need
An electric air blower or a can of compressed air

Step 1 – Shut Off Your projector

Step 2 – Take Your Projector Apart

Step 3 - Thoroughly Clean Your Projector

Step 4 - Apply Your Finishing Touches

You should clean your projector at least once a month to prevent any major dust buildup from occurring.

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