Label: Exploited
Artist: Homework
Title: Fissa Tune
LC: 15799
Releasedate: 02.07.2010
Digital Distribution: Finetunes
Videocredit: Tom Waist

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Already big with Brodinski (Turbo/Grizzly), Jesse Rose (Made to Play), A-Trak (Fools Gold), M.A.N.D.Y (Get Physical), Luciano (Cadenza), Johnny D (Oslo), 2000 and One (100% Pure), Round Table Knights (Made to Play), Sinden (Grizzly/Counterfeet), Feadz+DJ Mehdi+Breakbot (Ed Banger), Untold (Hemlock), Cosmin TRG (Bpitch/Rush Hour/Tempa), dOP (Circus Company), Hudson Mohawke (Warp), Mosca (Nightslugs), Zinc (Bingo Players), Telonius (Gomma).....and many more...

Homework, a duo based in Amsterdam, have been teasing everyone with a little track from their upcoming EP on Exploited called "Fissa Tune" to be released on July 2nd. Not much to say about this, except expect to hear it a lot this summer. This is extravagant dancefloor ammunition from "Exploited Records", kicking off with a title track that chops and splices samples of Middle Eastern pipes, klezmer-ish reeds and gulping vocal snippets. It hangs together in an effective, bass-warbling fashion.

Fissa Tune
Exploited (GER)
"A superb varied 4 track Ep of sounds and styles is what we have here. Already the title track is a bit of an underground hit, but pooled with 3 more impressive tracks, makes this release from Exploited Records very sought after. Expect to hear gypsy vibes, jackin house, 4/4 mashup stylee, cheeky blatant sampling and more. If you haven’t yet, do discover Exploited !!"

Jesse Rose
Jesse Rose to Shir Khan about Homework:
"You just signed an act I actually wanted to sign but you were quicker. I absolutely love 'I Got One (You're The One)' and have put it into my 'IN EVERY SET'-Chart for June."

Brodinski (Turbo/Sound Pellegrino):
"I play Fissa Tune since a long time in all of my sets. 'I Got One' and 'I Got Two' are also really cool. Big big support on this one. Big up!"

A-Trak (Fools Gold):
"Funky Fresshhhhh."

Round Table Knights (Made to Play/Deadfish):
"WOW!!! Soooo good! Really love this EP!!!

Sinden (Counterfeet/Grizzly):
"Very solid. 'Fissa Tune' is massive, but loving 'I Got Two' as well."

Freeform Five (Perspex/Classic)
"Love Fissa Tune."

Johnny D (Oslo):
"Great EP."

2000 and One (100% Pure):
"Nice EP!"

Hudson Mohawke (Warp):
"'I Got One' and 'I Got Two' are really nice!"

dOP (Circus Company):
"Love this label. Always something interesting. Some nice sunny dancefloor music. Thank you!"

Telonius (Gomma):
"'I Got Two' is the one for me. I will definetely play this!"

DJ Feadz (Ed Banger):
"' I Got One' and mostly 'I Got Two' are HUGE. Love it, love it, love it. BRAVO. Big up to Homework and thanks. Stupid fun."

Radioclit (Moshi Moshi):
"Love the arabic vibes of 'Fissa Tune'."

Yolanda Be Cool&Dcup (Sweat it out!):
"Best tune ever!!!!"

Black Van (DFA):
"'Fissa Tune' fits the time perfect. 'I Got One' is a dream! Huge!"

Mowgli (Deadfish):
"I Got One - Really cool! What a Groove! Definetly playin'"

Mosca (Nightslugs):
"Big! Where do they find these vocals?"

Untold (Hemlock):
"Great release. Banging + Loads of fun. Will play I Got One."

Cosmin TRG (Rush Hour/Bpitch/Tempa):
"These hit right home."

Cedric Maison (Hypercolour):
"Really diggin 'I Got One (You're It)'."

Steve Aoki (Dim Mak):

Fake Blood (Cheap Thrills):
"I like both 'Fissa Tune' and 'I Got Two'. Nice tracks! Really clever use of the Loleatta Holloway."

Ruede Hagelstein (Souvenir/Freundinnen):
"Catchy clubtools. Will check out. Thx."

Acidpauli (The Notwist/Console)
"I Got One, You Got Two, You got Four."

Rainer Weichold (Great Stuff):
"Drivin is supa."

Michael Reinboth (Compost):
"Some nice quirky bits the funky overall feel...Drivin is dingdongmad."

Brett Johnson (Freerange/Classic)
"'Drivin' is fun. Best."

Karotte (Cocoon)
"'Fissa Tune' is nice."

Jacob London (Classic):
"Exploited does it again. Such a fun label. Support for all tracks."

H30H (Porumalinharecords):
"Hi guys, lovin this, 'You are the one' get´s my support, sexy deep 'drivin', keep us smiling!!"

Zombie Disco Squad (Made to Play):
"Cool beans."

Djedjotronic (Boys Noize):
"Drivin' is the one. I'll play it."

Malente&Dex (Exploited):
"Alle tracks frisch, unterschiedlich, spannend! coole EP. keine frage."

Camel (Deadfish):
"Very nice release by Homework. Superdope. Full support."

Adam Sky (Exploited/Turbo):
"Clever boys...Drivin' is my fave. Good vox."

Douster (ZZK/Mad Decent):
"Cool EP."

Neoteric (Dubsided):
"Glad to see a proper release! Been working like a charm in my sets! Do your homework!"

James Friedman (Throne of Blood):
"Fissa Tune is my jam. Love those flutes. Wow. Dope."

Azzido da Bass (Dim Mak):
"I Got Two. Absolutely fantastic...big shot!"

Scott Cooper (Pottymouth):
"Lovin this. Fave is 'Fissa Tune' for its originality but the whole ep is just one hell of a package... top marks. Will play 'I Got One' also."

Edu K (Anabetic/Man Recordings):
"Hell yeah! Fresh n' inspired! Love the way these dudes are using the vocal samples ! Exploited always pushing the envelope!"

Matt Walsh (Turbo):
"Annoyingly Catchy."

Highbloo (Partyharders/Lektroluv):
"Huge EP ! i'm gonna rock the festivals this summer with this !!! "

Horatio (Snatch!)
"'Fissa Tune' and 'I Got Two' are really nice."

Sharkslayer (Top Billin)
"House is a feelin! digging this 95% lol."

Act Yo Age (Southern Fried/Sweat it Out!):
"Wow. Another great EP!! Nice sounds, familiar yet refreshing, can't wait to rinse them."

Joyce Muniz (Top Billin/Man Recordings):
"Nice one !! 'I got one' is my favourite. nyc house style vocals sample. like it."

Moonbootica (Moonbootique):
"Das is' mal solide! Fissa Tuna ist, na, zeitgemäss! I Got One ein Traum! Digges Ding!"

AC Slater (Trouble&Bass):
"Really nice EP."

Chris James (Anabetic/Dubnoir):
""Love this EP. So many vibes: Balkan, Straight House, and even french filtered pianos....this is getting big support from me;)."

Foamo (Fat! Records)
"hey! this is a great EP. thanks alot.. will def be playing this summer!! lots. big 'fissa', and 'i got 2' are my fav."

Jesse Tittsworth (T&A):
"'Take Two' is the best."

Larry Tee (Ultra):
"'Drivin' drives but i am also loving 'I got one'!"

Dirty Canvas (No Hats no Hoods):

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